Vintage TV music plays to the Freeview audience

Now avilable in internet-enabled Freeview HD homes via our Connect TV platform

Katie Melua on Vintage TV

Katie Melua on Vintage TV

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Today we have a new Connect TV customer, Vintage TV, the destination TV channel for unique music content. The deal will allow Vintage TV to join the Freeview EPG on channel 242, accessible to people with a compatible internet-connected Freeview HD device (TV or Set Top Box).

Vintage TV was launched on 1 September 2010 and quickly established itself as the music-lover’s TV channel of choice. Today it has a following of more than 1 million viewers each week and produces over 25 hours of original programming each month, filming both 20th Century music artists as well as emerging talent.

Connect TV enables broadcasters to combine content delivered on the terrestrial broadcast network alongside IP delivered content and present it on a single channel number in the Freeview EPG.

“When Vintage TV originally launched, it tapped into a unique and niche audience. Over the years it’s developed a strong following and their audience is increasingly growing. Now, via Connect TV, they are able to offer eclectic content across the music spectrum to the Freeview audience and this demonstrates the growing hybrid model of IP content delivered alongside terrestrial broadcast channels.”

“Vintage TV has become a destination TV channel for music of quality and longevity. It’s a vital and unique service for those who grew up with the many vintage artists who are still touring and recording, and who also want to experience the best in new talent. By offering Vintage TV via Connect TV on Freeview, we’re delighted to be bringing our extensive range of music shows to an even larger audience.”

Viewers access the channel like any other, by selecting the channel from the Freeview guide or by selecting the channel number from the remote. The viewer is presented with a full screen picture with additional information such as programme name, start / end time and a synopsis – all displayed in a mini-overlay.