New hybrid IP-TV service launches

Jewellery channel Rocks & Co to use Arqiva’s new Connected Broadcaster solution

New hybrid IP-TV channel Rocks & Co launches

New hybrid IP-TV channel Rocks & Co launches

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Today we have announced that the high fashion jewellery shopping channel, Rocks & Co, is now available via a cutting-edge combined hybrid TV-Internet solution to internet-enabled Freeview devices.

“The launch of Rocks & Co represents our latest thinking in hybrid TV - combining the very best in broadcast and IP delivered content and services. Audiences will have a seamless experience where throughout different times of the day they won’t be able to tell if their channel is via DTT or over IP.”

Rocks & Co TV brings consumers exquisite ranges of jewellery via their gemstone experts and jewellery designers. While already available on the Sky and Freesat platforms, plus Freeview channel 40, Rocks & Co via Arqiva’s Connected Broadcaster solution, is now available to audiences 24/7. Currently Freeview audiences can only shop the channel between 1pm and 11pm daily, but via IP delivery, the channel is now available to Freeview HD connected viewers homes continuously.

“There are many new ways content and services can be delivered and consumed in an IP enabled world,” continued Tom. “As part of our ‘Connected Broadcaster’ range of solutions we are exploring new and exciting combinations of promoting and distributing content through a combination of IP and broadcast services. We need to continue to push the boundaries of what audiences and content providers know about content delivery.”

“Our philosophy is to provide not only genuine gemstones and high-end jewellery, but fantastic customer service. This means we must be available to our loyal customer-base whenever and wherever. By providing a hybrid-TV offering we’re ensuring we engage with our audience in the best way possible.”

Rocks & Co TV is available on Freeview channel 40 from 1pm to 11pm and on Freeview HD connected devices 24/7. Rocks & Co is due to launch on YouView platforms at the end of June 2015.