New high definition services to launch on Freeview

Ofcom, has announced today that we have been awarded the licence to establish new interim digital terrestrial television (DTT) multiplexes in the 600MHz spectrum band.

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As the multiplex operator, we will build a new network which will enable a significant increase in the number of high definition channels broadcast on the DTT/Freeview platform. We expect to confirm content agreements over the next few weeks.

The new services will help encourage the adoption of Freeview HD compatible television sets and set top boxes. They will also be available on YouView set top boxes.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this new licence. It will enable us to add a much broader range of HD services to Freeview, helping it remain the UK’s most popular way to watch television.

“This represents a significant investment by Arqiva in the long-term future of the DTT platform and will increase the diversity and quality of the content available – a key policy objective for Ofcom.”

The new licence was awarded following an open application process, which took place earlier in the year. The licence is effective immediately and has been awarded for a minimum period of five years.

The 600 MHz spectrum, which covers the range 550 to 606 MHz, was cleared of analogue TV on a region-by-region basis during the UK's digital TV switchover. This programme, delivered successfully by Arqiva, completed last year.

Further information can be found here on the Ofcom website and also on the BBC website