Hybrid TV out-of-the-box package available to all

New partnership creates opportunity for brands to enter hybrid TV market with own device solution

Hybrid TV out-of-the-box package available to all

Hybrid TV out-of-the-box package available to all

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We've partnered Pixsan to launch an ‘out-of-the-box’ hybrid TV solution for any TV and set-top-box. Those looking to expand into the wholesale hybrid TV market, can now launch their own HbbTV-based device solution, with features including a backwards EPG and all the broadcaster catch-up TV players.

“Whatever the brand – from a utility company, operator, to a retailer or telco – partnering with Pixsan Arqiva can now offer the full functionality, often seen on Smart TV’s or Freeview Play, on any TV or set-top-box.”

Pixsan Digital Software Ltd is well known in the TV and set-top-box markets for providing DVB software and OTT functionality to manufacturers and retailers. The Pixsan UTK software stack and Arqiva user interface will be available together in one package, providing links to content available post-broadcast within catch-up players simply accessed by viewers through a backwards EPG. This allows for easier discovery of programmes and a richer experience that will continue to be developed with search and recommendation features and second-screen interactive capability.

“What we’ve built has drawn on the HbbTV specification that is growing steadily in the EU market,” continued Tom Cape. “HbbTV will bring TVs and set-top-boxes ever closer to the interactive capabilities of other web connected devices such as tablets and PCs. This means those looking to launch their own hybrid TV or set-top-box, can create a truly interactive web experience on the biggest screen in their customers’ homes.”

“This partnership will place the UK marketplace in a unique position allowing those with ambitions of being a hybrid-TV broadcaster the reality they so deserve. We’re excited by the partnership with Arqiva to expand the availability of our combined software and user interface package to vendors, systems integrator and retail chains.”

More information on our Connected Operator services can be found in our latest white paper >>

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