Daystar Launches in Standard Definition on Freeview Channel 73

Daystar Television has today announced the network’s launch in standard definition on Freeview Channel 73, courtesy of our Digital Platforms team.

Daystar TV launches on Freeview

Daystar TV launches on Freeview

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The channel will be available to Freeview viewers, using the more advanced Digital Video Broadcasting technology MPEG4 DVB-T2.

“We are excited about this new expansion. Daystar will now be available to Freeview viewers within the broadcast coverage of Arqiva’s new HD multiplex, which includes approximately 72 per cent of the United Kingdom’s population.”

“We are delighted to welcome Daystar TV to the Freeview platform. Arqiva is committed to broadcasting a variety of content to offer viewers the best possible channel and programme choices – Daystar TV is a great addition.”

The first Christian Television Network to launch on Freeview in 2011, Daystar was initially broadcast on a daily part-time basis. With today’s announcement, the network will now be broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Daystar will also be available on Freeview Channel 73 in YouView, BT Vision and TalkTalk TV homes within this coverage area, as well as most Freeview HD (High Definition) homes.