Arqiva's high speed WiFi is a hit for Heathrow

Heathrow Airport is reaping the benefits of high-speed WiFi from Arqiva, the communications infrastructure and media services company. Europe’s biggest airport is now able to provide the fast, free internet access that its visitors expect – and it’s proving extremely popular with over 30,000 users per day!

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During July, there were over one million sessions to Heathrow’s WiFi network, with over 30,000 passengers and visitors logging onto the service each day. Launched on 1 June, the WiFi service is available across all terminals and is free to the public for 45 minutes per day Heathrow Rewards members are given additional free access, being able to use the service for 90 minutes free per day. This compares favourably with Heathrow’s European hub competitors, Charles de Gaulle, Frankfurt and Schiphol who each offer between 15 and 60 minutes free WiFi.

“Providing free WiFi is very much about enhancing the experience for the 200,000 passengers who travel through Heathrow every day and almost two months in, we have certainly achieved that,” said Max Vialou-Clark, Retail Services Director, Heathrow. “We have had really positive feedback on Arqiva’s WiFi service. It means that we can keep passengers happy with great connectivity across the airport.

Max continued:

“We chose to work with Arqiva, due to their record of providing WiFi in airports, retail environments and hotels that is user-friendly, fast and reliable and we’ve been very impressed with the service and Arqiva’s flexible approach.”

Nicolas Ott, Managing Director, Telecoms at Arqiva, said: “Heathrow is one of the world’s busiest airports and we are thrilled to be delivering a world class WiFi service to its passengers and visitors. Everyone expects easy access to fast and reliable WiFi. We’ve used our previous experience at high footfall locations– airports, hotels and shopping centres - around the UK to provide the best possible experience throughout Heathrow’s five terminals.”

The roll-out of WiFi at Heathrow last month means that Arqiva now provides wireless internet services to over 158 million passengers (c.71% of passengers’ traffic) at the UK's largest airports, cementing the company’s reputation as the market leader in the provision of airport WiFi, with services in operation at 32 UK airports and 56 airline lounges.