Arqiva trials Small Cell technology in Southampton

We've been working with a number of vendors trialling Small Cell backhaul technology in Southampton City Centre.

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We have been working with vendors including Intracom, CCS and Siklu Communication, together with the MNO’s to help define the scope of the trials, due to complete at the end of June. 

This follows the announcement in February this year that we won the exclusive rights to provide outdoor wireless connectivity in Southampton, together with a number of London Boroughs and other city centres, including Manchester.

Small Cell connectivity boosts mobile coverage and capacity at street level, as well as indoors in nearby buildings. It negates the need to build large masts and antennae’s in a city by providing the infrastructure on lamp posts or buildings. The small cells are then connected via Microwave link, or fibre, to the mobile operators’ networks.

“Consumers nowadays agree that connecting to the internet is critical, and that regardless of network or device, that connectivity should be seamless and hassle-free. This is a challenge in dense urban areas where buildings can block the signal and mobile networks are congested with traffic, even with the growth in 4G. We’ve already seen this in the USA and Asia. Small cells will be a key technology to address these challenges and we’re excited to build Arqiva’s leading position in this new technology in the UK market."

"This was a great opportunity to trial our StreetNode™ with Arqiva, one of the leading communication infrastructure companies in the UK. The product was tested in both Point-to-Multipoint and in Point-to-Point configurations and we are glad that we met the requirements of Arqiva. This was a worldwide first demonstration in the field of a small cell backhaul radio operating at 2048 QAM modulation providing almost 1GBps capacity. We are confident that the unique characteristics of StreetNode™, the auto alignment, the software defined operation and the ease of deployment, fully satisfy the demands of Arqiva to be a pioneer in the development of a small cell network in the country."

“The trial with Arqiva essentially gave us opportunity to demonstrate the feasibility of small cells. Manual labour costs are a critical element in the overall business case. The unique self-organising capability of CCS’ microwave backhaul solution means there’s no need for radio planning or manual alignment. This is key when it comes to expanding the small cell network, as there’s no need to re-visit existing sites. The CCS system automatically re-organises and re-aligns.”

“The Arqiva trial is important in that it simulates a typical multi-layered mobile network and demonstrates the suitability of 60 GHz, V-band backhaul in a complex and real-life scenario. Our 60 GHz, EtherHaul-600T is the smallest backhaul radio in the world. It can be deployed by any installer, with no Telco experience needed, and it provides enough capacity for any topology needed in street-level installations. The EH-600T will cover the small-cell street-level, and provide backhaul connectivity all the way to the macro level, typically rooftops and towers. From there, Siklu’s EtherHaul-1200, which is the bestselling E-band radio in the world, will take over, reliably backhauling traffic at gigabit throughputs over the 70-80 GHz spectrum.”

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