Arqiva signs £625 million contract to provide smart metering communications service

Arqiva has signed the contract to provide the communications service for smart meters in Scotland and northern England.

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  • Smart metering communications network will support the mass rollout of smart meters and become part of Britain’s critical national infrastructure
  • Proven technology will enable Government timetable and benefits to be achieved

Arqiva, the prime contractor, will invest in a new smart communications network and associated equipment. This will provide a private, secure and resilient communications service to support the mass rollout of smart meters from the end of 2015. Sensus will provide the smart metering communications technology for the new network. EDMI will deliver the communications hubs that will be needed to connect smart meters and In-Home Displays (IHDs) in each home.

The Government estimates smart metering will deliver around £7 billion in benefits to homes and businesses nationwide, and is an integral part of Britain’s digital and energy-efficient future. Communications technology plays a crucial role - smart meters depend on the two way communication of data so that consumers can benefit from more accurate billing as well as real-time information to put them in control of managing and saving energy.

“Following the news a few weeks ago on preferred bidders, Arqiva is immensely proud to have won the tender to provide the smart metering communications service in Scotland and northern England. This reflects the strength of our proven solution and our exceptional track record in delivering and running critical national infrastructure. Smart meters are vital in empowering consumers to save energy and this is the first step in delivering an energy secure Britain.”

Arqiva’s solution, through successful UK trials, has demonstrated its suitability for deployment in rural and urban areas throughout Great Britain. The solution is based on Sensus technology that has been successfully deployed internationally in more than 16 million smart meters and devices. It is capable of supporting the evolution of smart services more broadly, and through trials has already proved to be an efficient means of building a smart utility network.

“As a proud partner in the delivery of this communications service, Sensus is delighted to serve Great Britain with clean technology that will conserve resources, reduce energy costs and lower CO2 emissions. Sensus technology is flexible and interoperable and provides financial and societal benefits for utilities and consumers in Great Britain and beyond."