Arqiva & National Express West Midlands improve efficiency and safety

We are pleased to renew our contract to provide secure real-time communications for National Express

National Express West Midlands Control Room

National Express West Midlands Control Room

The renewed managed service contract will provide NX West Midlands with the additional capability to monitor real-time communications across its fleet of over 1,500 buses, providing improved security and safety for bus drivers and a more efficient service for local residents.

The contract refresh will move the NX West Midlands bus fleet onto a new Ofcom spectrum frequency that will provide far greater call capacity across the system, enabling faster response times. We will also provide new features to enable NX West Midlands to monitor and quickly access voice recordings between its centralised dispatchers and drivers. In addition the new real time reporting tools will allow NX West Midlands to analyse and identify problems much quicker.

"Reliable, secure driver commutations have become critical to our operations, working together in tandem with AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location), it gives us a complete 360 degree view of the entire service, and as a result, allows us to greatly improve its efficiency. The safety of our drivers and passengers is paramount and the improvements in call response time and voice recording features will provide them with additional security. We will always look at ways to future-proof our service and we pride ourselves on the innovations we implement.”

“It’s not only the visible technology that provides a better service for passengers, but what happens behind-the-scenes. We have a long-standing relationship with National Express West Midlands – an organisation that has been incredibly forward-thinking in improving the communication across a fleet of 1,500 buses with an ultimate goal of providing even safer and more efficient passenger transport”.

We will migrate the large fleet of buses and dispatcher equipment on to the new Band III frequency (sub-band I). In addition Arqiva will deliver future-proofing via a new digital IP based core network and add additional resilience to the network via microwave links and UPS/battery backups.

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