Arqiva comment on Q2 2017 RAJARS

Digital radio edges closer to 50% of all radio listening in the UK

Today (03 August) saw the publication of the latest RAJAR figures for radio listening in the UK.

“Radio is in extremely good health in the UK, with Ofcom’s Communications Market Report showing that average weekly radio hours per listener grew in 2016.

“It's also great to see that digital radio’s share of all radio listening continues to rise as more and more people tune in to the platform's benefits. It’s easy to forget that less than five years ago digital radio accounted for under a third of all listening, whereas now it is close to half. There are a number of reasons for the current increase and I categorise them into the three Cs of choice, coverage and cars. There are now more stations available in more places than ever before. Our work with the DCMS, the BBC and the local network operators to bring local DAB to more people will only serve to further increase the rate of take-up.

“Having delivered the target of over 90% local DAB household coverage in September 2016, more listeners now have access to digital radio in the UK than ever before.

“Last year also saw the successful launch of the Sound Digital multiplex, offering 18 more national digital radio services. This was another significant landmark in the growth of the DAB platform, giving listeners much more choice.

“As we edge closer towards the significant milestone of 50% digital listening we will continue to invest in the platform and work closely with the DCMS, multiplex operators and broadcasters to help the DAB platform continue to grow and thrive.”

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