ABN TV launches hybrid IP-TV proposition

We're pleased to announce the launch of a new hybrid IP-TV channel on the Freeview platform.

The TV network ABN TV, which specialises in Black Television will provide content 24 hours a day to audiences with internet-enabled Freeview devices. ABN TV launched on Freeview channel 252 on 16 July 2015. 

“Audiences have for some time now embraced the seamless cross-over of linear and IP-TV content; thinking nothing of how their content is delivered. We’re now seeing a growing appetite to explore new models of distribution and ABN TV is leading the way to deliver a hybrid ecosystem. Using Arqiva’s Connected Broadcaster service, this delivery is now easier than ever.”

ABN TV was created to bridge the gap between ethnic and mainstream broadcasting and in doing so, reflects the interest and aspirations of the African-Caribbean, British and European communities. ABN TV puts emphasis on quality through the style and content of its programming to reflect strong family values. ABN TV aims to demonstrate empathy towards the ethnic audience group through its choice of programmes and programme makers.

“We have successfully provided content over satellite over the last couple of years, and we’re extremely excited to also bring our channel to Freeview audiences, via IP. As the leading Black channel in the UK, it was important that we broadened our viewership base, via airing on a number of platforms.  With the future being in IP-delivered broadcasting, it made perfect sense to launch on Freeview’s hybrid ecosystem. By working with Arqiva, ABN TV has made a step in the right direction to provide a more seamless experience for our viewers.”