Wireless Nation study video with Jonathan Webb, Retail in Action

Connectivity in store could stop a quarter of your customers leaving you.

With mobile phones and tablets now an essential shopping companion for many of your customers, allowing them to connect while they shop is crucial.

Arqiva’s report on the Wireless Nation Retail Perspective looks at why keeping your shoppers connected pays dividends by improving in the customer experience.

Arqiva asked retail expert, Jonathan Webb from Retail in Action for his views.

This video is a must-watch for all retailers who are thinking about what part WiFi can play in helping them achieve their business objectives and who are considering how to tackle the topical issues of omnichannel and showrooming.

In this interview with Jonathan  Webb, Co-founder, Retail in Action, he discusses the true impact in-store connectivity can have on boosting sales and increasing customer loyalty for UK retailers.  He highlights the retail advantage associated with providing good connectivity as well as some top tips and future vision for retailers. 

Lack of WiFi causes shoppers to walk out and think twice about coming back

With one in four shoppers admitting to leaving a store when they couldn’t get online, Jonathan Webb’s insight together with the findings from Arqiva’s own recent study is information retailers can’t afford to miss.
Arqiva’s recent research study The Wireless Nation report, which questioned over 800 UK consumers, found that connectivity is now so important that 27 per cent would think twice about coming back and 25 per cent would leave as soon as possible, if wireless connectivity wasn’t available.

On the other hand, for those retailers who have already invested in free connectivity, the financial benefits are clear:

  • Generate more revenue – 20 per cent of shoppers would spend more
  • Maximise customer interaction – 34 per cent would extend their stay
  • Increase customer loyalty – 46 per cent are more likely to visit again

“Traditional UK retailing is under threat, as online shopping surges. Some high streets are no longer viable. Retailers are under more pressure than ever to deliver valuable shopping experiences in store, online and on the move. Retailers therefore need to adapt, and recognise that shoppers are increasingly going online to improve their offline shopping experience. Catering to this by offering in-store connectivity will be key to ensure the survival of “bricks and mortar” retail.”