Vote of confidence from UK pub chain

Enterprise publicans give the thumbs up to our WiFi service.

An independent survey of how Enterprise publicans view the quality of our WiFi systems and experience of working with us demonstrates the business value of providing internet access for customers.

Enterprise selected us as its trusted partner in a programme rolling out WiFi across its estate to help bring in new customers, increase dwell time and drive revenue. To gauge the early success of this programme the group commissioned a survey of 100 publicans.

Carried out both online and by telephone, the survey undertaken on behalf of Enterprise used the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. This measures how likely each participant is to recommend the business in question based on how they rate their experiences on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest).

Overall, Enterprise publicans ranked the Arqiva system with a NPS of +8% (80% customer satisfaction) with 43% even going so far as to rank it with the strongest NPS levels of 9 or 10, making them advocates who are happy to recommend our system to other publicans.

The survey covered everything from the installation process and quality of the WiFi system, to perceived business outcomes (e.g. a significant number of respondents felt customers were staying longer as a result) and areas for improvement.

“The locals love it” and “satisfied customers” were just some of the responses relating to the benefit of installing an Arqiva WiFi system. Others commented: “Customers like it as it allows them to get the answers to their crosswords!”

Among those publicans who felt that free WiFi had enabled them to offer new or enhanced services, one said: “It is an opportunity to encourage additional custom during quiet periods”. Others saw it as a way to bring the pub into the digital era, commenting: “It allows customers to have a more modern feel to the pub rather than being stuck in the dark ages”.

Arqiva is now working collaboratively with Enterprise to fine-tune the service based on the feedback from the survey findings. This will improve the 80% customer satisfaction rating still further as the pub group continues to roll out its WiFi programme.

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