The Team Arqiva Brathay Apprentice Challenge

This year, for the first time, Arqiva apprentices entered the Brathay Apprentice Challenge 2016.

The team get together to discuss the plans.

The team get together to discuss the plans.

The challenge involved raising awareness about apprenticeships and collaboration to deliver a community project. 

Raising awareness of apprenticeships

The team were asked to engage with their own organisation, local schools and colleges, local employers, and the media, by giving presentations explaining the benefits apprenticeships can have for employers and highlighting the opportunities they present for young people.

Team Arqiva engaged with the local media; Lydia Crawley and Grant Burton were recently interviewed on Kat Orman’s show on BBC Radio Oxford. Whilst on the show they discussed their reasons for choosing an apprenticeship, what types are available, the benefits, how they compare with university, and the learning opportunities they offer. The team have also had a selection of articles written about them, online and in newspapers. The Daily Mirror chose one of Team Arqiva’s apprentices, to be the face of National Apprentice Week 2016.

Delivering a Community Project

The team collaborated to deliver a project which would benefit young people in their community. The team decided to revamp Petersfield Scouts Centre, with the aim to make it a more welcoming place, to encourage more young people to get involved. The team held fund-raisers to raise the money needed to complete the project.

The Brathay Apprentice Challenge has enabled the apprentices to develop: teamwork skills, communication skills and problem solving skills. It has shown Arqiva and apprenticeships in general, in a positive light and has had a beneficial impact on the local community.

A few quotes from the team members:

  • “I have really enjoyed taking part in the Challenge. I am passionate about apprenticeships and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to share my story. If we have inspired just one person, then we have succeeded.” – Beth Preston.
  • “The challenge has been an excellent experience for me, it has enabled me to tell young people about another option that they have for their development. I hope that with this knowledge it will allow them to make best choice for their future.” – Grant Burton.
  • “Apprenticeships offer you the chance to earn a living whilst learning and developing your skills. I believe they are a great way to start climbing the company ladder.” – Lewis Bower.

Arqiva are often at the forefront of technology; being responsible for delivering the digital switchover, Freeview Play, and unlocking the promise of the Internet of Things. Therefore it comes as no surprise, that they are also one of the leaders for delivering apprenticeships. Arqiva has recently won the National Apprenticeship Service Regional Award for Large Employers and is a Sunday Telegraph Top 50 Apprenticeship Employer,