RAJAR Q3 2017 listening figures - Arqiva comment

The Q3 2017 RAJAR listening figures were released on 25 October 2017.

The latest RAJAR figures show that the percentage of total radio listening on digital platforms has increased by 0.1% quarter on quarter, but DAB listening is up 1.4%. (up 3.3% and 3.6% respectively on the same quarter last year).

“This Tuesday marked five years since the last analogue TV signal was switched off – since which time digital TV has truly gone from strength to strength. With DAB coverage in the UK better than ever, and the choice of stations continuing to grow, the beginning of a full switchover appears to be getting closer.

"So many listeners are already moving over to digital, inspired by incredible choice, new accessibility and, of course, cheaper digital radio sets and in-car converters. With more innovation and some careful spectrum-planning, we’ve no doubt that DAB will soon become the undisputed leading platform of radio.”