Pop Up Connect TV channel demo

Our world-first ‘Pop Up’ Connect TV channel and Content Replacement technology showcases at BAFTA

One of our famous fish, this is

One of our famous fish, this is "Evel", brother of "Knievel"

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On the 22 October 2013, we invited a select audience along to the second of our Open Air events, this time hosted at BAFTA, to see demos of both a world-first ‘Pop Up’ Connect TV channel and our latest end-to-end Content Replacement technology. The two demos were delivered using a broad range of our services and were presented by our own technical architects who have been working on the developments in house.

The ‘Pop Up’ Connect TV channel used a traditional SNG truck (parked across the road from the venue), with a camera filming the live action at the venue, up-linking via satellite to our offices in Winchester where it was encoded and delivered back to BAFTA and shown to the audience via the Connect TV platform. The audience saw our, now famous, goldfish (Evel and Knievel) being filmed in their bowl in the room and then watched them appear on the ‘Pop-Up’ Connect TV channel, dubbed ‘Fish TV’

“It could just as easily be a dedicated channel for Cowes Week yacht racing in the summertime, or one-off pop concerts, tennis tournaments or any other special event where a potentially large audience could be captured. This technology will enable broadcast customers to create one-off channels for audiences without the high cost of bandwidth and long-term channel contracts.”

The second demo of the day saw our unique take on Content Replacement. Using the same collection of technology, alternative content was spliced into the traditional broadcast stream; showing how regionalised and personalised content can be delivered to broadcast customers. This is the most cost-effective concept in the industry today, using IP technology to regionalise content to a granular level.

“Our Open Air events are about engaging our customers early in product development & new innovations we are working on. The format worked really well previously, in developing ideas for radio, and so we wanted to show something impressive today for the TV customers.”

“Todays demos have been really well received. We’ve used end-to-end Arqiva services and shown how a traditional broadcast stream can work seamlessly together with new on-line based services of the future.”

Watch full video's of both demos here on the Arqiva YouTube channel