New Estates & Property enquiry service

Arqiva Estates and Property have set up a new email account in order to capture enquiries that are currently being received from Landlords and the general public in connection with our sites.

The Estates and Property team want to improve the customer experience and deal with enquiries in a more efficient way with a faster response time.

Our landlords and neighbours often do not know who they should contact to discuss issues regarding our infrastructure. This can lead to the re-routing of communications to the incorrect person, which is frustrating and is not the experience we wish our partners to have. This fully monitored initiative will ensure that incoming communications are sent to the correct person and responded to swiftly.

All email enquiries will be reviewed by a co-ordinator and the email directed to the correct person/department, the enquirer will then receive a personal response within 48 hours.

Please send all Estates enquiries to estates&