Freeview SD Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) slot available

Arqiva is inviting interested parties to submit an expression of interest for the auction of national DTT standard definition television slot - suitable for Free to Air (FTA) linear TV services. The television slot will be for up to 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The slot will be available from a mutually agreed date and is suitable for television services only and not for radio, data or other non-TV services.


Arqiva is inviting proposals for additional digital terrestrial television channels through a competitive bidding process.  You can register your interest by email at Interested parties will be invited to submit an initial offer by no later than 5pm on 06 July 2018 (unless otherwise agreed). Connectivity arrangements for getting the broadcasters content signal to our Multiplex centre (Feltham, London) shall be separately required and contracted.

Arqiva is the licence holder for DTT multiplexes COM5 (Mux C) and COM6 (Mux D) principally used by the Freeview TV service.

Freeview is the largest digital television service in the UK with more than 19 million homes equipped to receive over 70 TV channels through a conventional aerial.