Arqiva given bronze award by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

We've received the bronze award by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, which recognises UK employers who pledge their commitment to the armed forces.

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We are honoured to have received the bronze award by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, which is run by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to recognise UK employers who pledge their commitment to the armed forces community, and align their values to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant. This accolade follows on a year after Arqiva signed the Covenant – a voluntary pledge signed by businesses and charitable organisations who wish to demonstrate their support for the armed forces community.

As a bronze award holder,we have agreed to take a positive stance towards existing or prospective employees who are members of the armed forces community. We will also promote an armed forces-friendly position and are open to employing reservists, armed forces veterans (including wounded, injured and sick), cadet instructors and military spouses/partners. Our aim is to ensure armed forces personnel and their families do not face disadvantages in their access to services and that they receive special consideration.

As an engineering company, we have a strong history of supporting employees who are reservists in the military, and in helping ex-service personnel transition into civilian work. For example, our employee policy entitles our reservists to fully participate in their military commitments, without losing out on their employee benefits.

We recognise that individuals leaving the forces frequently need additional early support to recognise the potential they have for roles in private sector organisations. For ex-service personnel, we run taster days where servicemen and women are invited to operational sites to find out how the company works and what it does, and to hear about employment opportunities. Also, we attend military career fairs and have successfully run introduction sessions for those leaving the forces on medical grounds; we have even supported Walking with the Wounded at an expedition level, as well as at a careers advisory one. Importantly, a number of our sites are closely located to major Army and Naval bases, and therefore a large number of forces families have links to Arqiva, so we actively engage with local forces communities to identify potential employees. 

“We’re proud to have received the bronze award by the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme, and to be associated with this initiative. Arqiva is passionate about ensuring employees and their families who are a part of the armed forces community, and defence personnel who are looking to enter civilian life, are fully supported. We are committed to offering flexible employee policies and benefits to reservists, while providing extensive career advice and long-term career development to ex-service people and their wider community. Indeed, some of the best people that I work with within Arqiva have joined from the forces and they have such a positive impact on other employees; I look forward to growing this group.”

“I served in the British Army for 12 years and my first interaction with Arqiva was at the Tidworth Military careers fair just over a year ago. Right from the outset, I was impressed by the pride and passion of Arqiva employees as they described their work. Arqiva believes in investing in its employees and is fully committed to supporting ex-service personnel in their long-term career development.”