UKTV at Home on Freeview - Arqiva Case Study

UKTV has increased its free-to-air (FTA) footprint by moving Home out of pay and on to Freeview.

Amanda Lamb on My Flat Pack Home on UKTV’s Home

Amanda Lamb on My Flat Pack Home on UKTV’s Home

UKTV's Home logo

The Challenge

UKTV is a multi-award winning media company with ten channels: Alibi, Dave, Drama, Eden, Gold, Good Food, Home, Really, W and Yesterday. Over the past six years its share of commercial impacts (SOCI) has grown to over 9% of the market with the network benefitting from its hybrid business model, operating both pay and free channels.

Home is the UK’s only channel dedicated to home and garden programming. Earlier this year, UKTV made the strategic decision to move the channel from paid TV to FTA, knowing that Home’s content would appeal to the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) audience.

The objective was to increase UKTV’s portfolio reach, boost SOCI and drive increased advertising revenue. The move would also split UKTV’s portfolio equally, with half of its channels broadcast on FTA.

The solution

UKTV launched Home on the DTT platform in March 2016. Arqiva was on hand to advise UKTV on all aspects of the launch plan throughout – to ensure a smooth and simple transition. This included delivering timelines and providing input on the LCN (logical channel number) change process. We also worked with regulators and Digital UK to ensure all relevant parties were made aware of the changes.

This partnership between Arqiva and the technical lead at UKTV helped drive a successful launch process. It was planned and engineered entirely without fault by the team at Arqiva’s Broadcast Media Centre in Feltham. We ensured the feeds were in place and on-air messaging was provided to viewers, promoting a rescan of their sets to find the new service. This set Home into its new position, taking the place of Dave Ja Vu which moved from Freeview channel 25 to 85.

The result

Home has already displayed tremendous results since being moved to DTT. Viewing figures are growing on a weekly basis, and early indications show reach and viewership has increased significantly.

“I am incredibly proud to work in this team. UKTV responded to us incredibly positively following the smooth and professional transition of Home to the DTT platform. It’s a complete pleasure to provide the means for them to reach the Great British public via our multiplexes and the DTT platform. The richness and continued vibrancy of the platform is great testament to all those involved in its promotion, our customers and our partners.”

“We are delighted with how the launch of Home on the DTT platform went. The professional approach that Arqiva takes ensured a seamless and smooth transition and it was a pleasure to work with the team. With four of our services already on DTT, we knew the benefits that being on the platform brings. Early indications show that moving a fifth service, Home, on to DTT was the right decision with a great increase in reach and growing share of viewing to date.”

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