Out of Africa for Évasion TV Content

Thanks to our assured internet transmission, we deliver local programming out of Africa to Canal’s uplink facility in Paris for inclusion in the Canal+ Afrique PAY-TV package.

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Having been selected to be part of the Canal+ Afrique PAY-TV package, Guinee’s Évasion TV had a decision to make: how to get its locally-produced content to the Canal + Afrique uplink facility in Paris. Satellite distribution was an option of course, although cost issues had the finance people worried. Fibre would get the job done – but question marks over infrastructure made this a high-risk strategy. In the final analysis, Évasion TV turned to long-time Canal + collaborator, Arqiva, to offer a third way.


The alternate delivery channel, proposed after detailed analyse by Arqiva engineers, was the internet. Work to develop an appropriate contribution solution began in ernest. To add a further dimension, this would also serve as a model to be replicated across Canal’s growing number of affiliates in French-speaking Africa. Based on a NetInsight Server infrastructure and fully integrated into the Arqiva global network, the completed solution sees two pre-configured, fully redundant servers deployed and locked down at each affiliate site. The signal is compressed as MPEG2/MPEG4 video, with the option of ASI or IP hand off. Typical uptime, subject to local ISP capacity, tops 99.25% with broadcast quality guaranteed by Arqiva. The initial project took just three weeks to complete, and the solution has since been successfully deployed across Africa.


  • Assured internet transmission of local programming out of Africa to Canal’s uplink facility in Paris for inclusion in the Canal+ Afrique PAY-TV package
  • Seamless replication across multiple Canal + affiliates in Africa 
  • Fully-monitored, with redundant options, and QoS assured from affiliate site to Paris hub 
  • Pre-configured servers ready for dispatch within ten days
  • All transmissions are monitored 24/7 and securely managed by a dedicated Arqiva MCR 
  • Easily scalable to add new channels to the PAY TV package, and to accelerate Canal + and affiliate growth throughout Africa

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