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As a leading online event distributor AEG are constantly looking for ways to further improve their audience experience. For a Kings of Leon concert this involved installing an innovative 360-degree camera alongside their array of traditional broadcast cameras. This allowed online viewers to switch between multiple camera angles as well as using the 360-degree camera to create their own views. With connectivity between London and AEG’s LA studios crucial to success we provided AEG with a high-confidence, in-house, end-to-end distribution solution.

Our particular challenge was that the 360-degree camera used an entirely different format to the other two broadcast feeds we'd be distributing. Working closely with AEG our engineers explored the options and established the optimum solution. This involved installing additional equipment in our two HD SNG trucks that would distribute the feeds from the venue. After extensive testing we deployed the solution for the event. We successfully distributed both a primary and an entirely diverse backup feed to AEG’s LA studios using our satellite capacity, teleports and international fibre network. AEG’s utilisation of our extensive broadcast expertise and international infrastructure enabled their online audiences to enjoy the Kings of Leon live - and from any angle they wanted.

In addition, AEG Media also wanted to include a live discussion between the event's US-based guest director, Fred Armisen, and the band in London. To enable this we provided an additional two-way satellite link incorporating our domestic US satellite capacity, trans-Atlantic fibre connectivity, European teleports and HD SNG trucks.

Combined together, this meant that fans of the band received a unique live experience with exceptional content, thereby enhancing AEG’s reputation as an innovative online event distributor.

Read more about this amazing event - Kings of Leon – 360 degree innovation

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