Live Event Streaming for Dell Technologies Celebration Day - Arqiva Case Study

Through expert planning, we could meet the needs of Dell, providing a two-day global live stream for Dell Technologies Celebration Day.

Arqiva Dell Live global event delivery


Three satellites, four continents, five on-location news gathering units and all the associated trunks, fibre and teleport resources. Delivering an integrated live streaming service for a two-day global corporate event can be a complex task – particularly when it reaches a global audience across six times zones. For Dell Technologies failure was not an option. The event had already been postponed once due to scheduling conflicts. So there wasn’t much time. Less than two weeks, in fact. But that didn’t mean shortcuts could be taken, or quality impacted. Reputations were at stake, budgets had been locked, and boardroom expectations were high. Dell Technologies needed a partner it could trust to deliver on this live global event.


Understanding the event streaming requirements

Planning began in earnest. Arqiva’s transmission experts determined the bandwidth requirements, technical parameters, routing, audio configuration and latency demands. Detailed site surveys at each Dell Technologies location identified and mitigated potential risks. Information flowed rapidly between Dell stakeholders and Arqiva’s planning and engineering teams. At the same time, plans to deliver lead and secondary support throughout the two-day event were modelled, refined and put in place. On the 14th of September 2016, the event went live to Dell Technologies personnel across the world. Without a hitch.

“Arqiva’s flexibility and agility, along with terrific technical support and coordination, brought the internal broadcast of Dell Technologies Celebration Day to life for thousands of team members around the globe.”

Dell Technologies logoResults

  • Seamless two-way, live connectivity via three satellites, Arqiva’s fibre network, teleports in the US, UK, and Hong Kong, and multiple onsite satellite news gathering (SNG) units
  • Multiview confidence feeds via Arqiva’s IP Contribution solution
  • Primary and secondary technical support throughout the two-day event, delivering end-to-end transmission monitoring and helpdesk support
  • Project delivery on time and within budget

Live global event delivery

Arqiva link people, venues and companies through video as shown in the case study above. If you are looking for a partner you can trust to deliver your live event,  contact Arqiva on by filling out the form below, calling us on +44 (0) 1962 823000 or emailing 

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