Delivering Chime For Change

Music can be a powerful medium for change, especially when its message resonates across the world.

Beyonce Knowles performing

Beyonce Knowles performing

This was the driving idea behind Gucci’s Sound of Change concert at London’s Twickenham Stadium on Saturday 1st June 2013.

Music from headline acts including Beyoncé, J-Lo and Madonna helped launch Chime for Change, Gucci’s movement to Customer promote health, justice and education for women around the world. The concert was central to raising the movement’s profile and to raising money for its selected harities. It was therefore critical to reach beyond the stadium’s sell-out 50,000 capacity. To achieve this we were chosen to provide the complete global connectivity that would distribute live
video of Sound of Change to broadcasters in more than 150 countries. This would enable the concert and its cause to directly reach an estimated one billion people – all being encouraged to make donations.

What we delivered

Working for long established US customer Coastal Media Group we quickly mapped out the best way to achieve their global satellite distribution goals. Coastal Media Group’s confidence in us extended to entrusting us with both the concert’s primary and back-up feeds. This put us right at the very heart of this global initiative. We deployed three of our fully manned SNG trucks to the venue. One HD SNG uplinked the primary 18MHZ HD feed to the E10 satellite. A second uplinked the 9MHZ back-up feed to the E7 satellite. Meanwhile a third SNG truck uplinked an SD unilateral feed. The primary feeds were downlinked at our Winchester teleport for uplink onto our satellite capacity covering Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. Our Hong Kong facility uplinked the primary feed for Asia and Australia. At the same time our Paris and Atlanta facilities uplinked the back-up feeds. Everything was centrally monitored and controlled from Winchester. All our facilities worked seamlessly together to distribute the HD feeds via multiple satellites for pick-up by international broadcasters on five continents.

The outcome

The concert itself was a huge success and a host of headline musicians attracted the attention of a worldwide audience. Our satellite distribution enabled major broadcasters, including NBC, to bring the concert to these audiences in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. This made it possible for an estimated one billion people in 150 countries to connect with the concert and the cause. Their donations contributed to $4 million dollars raised on the night.

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