Canal+ Group Disaster Recovery Solution

Find out why Canal+ Overseas looked to Arqiva to protect their business with our resilient, fully monitored disaster recovery service.


When your reputation is built on creating quality content the complex, technical business of network resilience can prove an unwelcome distraction – albeit a vitally important one. Better then to outsource disaster recovery (DR) to a proven partner – which is exactly what Canal + does. And not only in its home market, Canal+ Group also broadcasts to tens of millions of subscribers in Africa, the South Pacific, Indian Ocean and Caribbean. Each one of these highly strategic regions is key to the company’s success, and Canal + looks to Arqiva to protect and serve them all.


With expertise gained from operating over 100 multiplexes (muxes) across the world, Arqiva’s engineers designed and deployed a sophisticated disaster recovery solution to support the entire Canal + Overseas network. Based in Paris, the DR platform duplicates content from over 90 channels, encodes and encrypts it, and feeds it into multiple back-up muxes. As the number of channels and PAYTV packages increase, so the flexible platform simply incorporates this content into the back-up – delivering the scale and flexibility required for this growing business.

In the event of a Canal + or affiliate headend outage anywhere in the world, the mux feed is sent directly to the uplink site to avoid service disruption at all times. Arqiva continues to work with Canal + Overseas, providing 24/7 monitoring and ongoing support to optimise and continually improve headend back-up.


  • A resilient, fully monitored headend back-up solution for Canal + Overseas
  • A headend backup platform that seamlessly integrates with existing Canal + Overseas Uplink Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Scalable to optimise, manage and protect the growing number of broadcast channels
  • Fast deployment through existing, extensive Arqiva connections to multiple international, African national and local broadcasters
  • Fully delivered, managed and monitored in a dedicated 24/7 MCR

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