Our infrastructure provides the backbone for the management of critical networks for broadcast and utilities.

We are the sole, regulated provider of national Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmission with our sites being crucial for Public Sector Broadcasters (PSBs) to meet their coverage obligations. This means providing coverage of at least 98.5% of the population for Freeview, the consumer brand of the DTT network.

Our infrastructure also supports DAB and AM/FM transmitters for the radio industry. We provide up to 99% coverage for the radio PSBs on AM/FM and digital signals from  three national and 56 local multiplexes.

Satellite infrastructure including five teleports and over 80 satellite uplink dishes reaches a huge number of satellites including Asia, Pacific Ocean and Americas region.

Our smart metering infrastructure, using our dedicated licenced spectrum, provides connectivity for smart gas and electricity metering in northern England and Scotland. With 85% of premises to be connected with smart meters by the end of 2024. The network has delivered 99.25% coverage in its region, with 1,188 sites built and ready for service.

This infrastructure also supports smart water metering for a growing customer list including Thames Water and Anglian Water.

Arqiva’s infrastructure spans the UK, providing connections for millions of people and devices consistently, robustly and securely.

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Our site owners

The site owners we work with are part of a large and vibrant community, making a significant yet unsung contribution to the smooth-running of our services.

Arqiva and the Electronic Communications Code

The Electronic Communications Code was designed to facilitate the installation and maintenance of electronic communications networks in the UK. The latest update to the Code, introduced in December 2017, is intended to enhance investment in the digital infrastructure the country needs to succeed in the digital economy.

“The whole of the UK will benefit from the long-term reforms put in place by the new Code as investment in digital communications infrastructure is made easier, leading to a more sustainable, robust and technologically advanced physical network.”

The code and Arqiva site owners

There are three main ways site owners might see an impact from the changes to The Code:

Valuation - Land-rental valuations will change. This move is designed by Government to help offset the considerable costs of maintaining and improving digital communications infrastructure, increasingly essential to our daily lives. As a result, the rent payments received could materially decrease in value, however in line with government policy this should reflect a fair price for the land.

Access - In future, operators will have automatic rights to access sites in order to amend or upgrade apparatus in certain circumstances. This will make it easier for them to deploy and maintain their infrastructure so that future generations of communications technology can be rolled-out more quickly.

Resolution - There is also a range of administrative changes that will improve dispute resolution and help prevent disagreements from holding up investment. Where possible we are eager to avoid disputes and remain committed to finding equitable resolutions to Code negotiations.

Our approach

We understand the impact The Code is likely to have on some of our Site Owners and we are committed to helping ease the transition, working together to reach fair solutions where changes to agreements are being proposed. We will be clear, right from the outset on how we’ll approach this. These are our Code Commitments:

Straightforward - Remaining transparent and open about the implications of the new regulatory framework provided by the Code

Timely - Responding quickly to your questions

Collaborative - Engaging with you directly to understand your concerns

Forward-thinking - Creating a positive environment for a durable, mutually beneficial relationship