We’re building a new internet of things network starting with ten major cities

We’re building an Internet of Things (IoT) network, using SIGFOX technology, starting with ten major UK cities.

We’re building an Internet of Things (IoT) network, using SIGFOX technology, starting with ten major UK cities.

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Our new Internet of Things network will provide nationwide low-power connectivity for the first time. This strengthens our position as a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine connectivity services.

Low-power consumption allows batteries and equipment to last longer, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of replacing devices. This massively expands the range of devices that can be connected, increasing the benefits to consumers and businesses alike. There are countless applications, from smoke alarms to advertising billboards, where low energy consumption connectivity could unlock significant value, creating new services and additional benefits for consumers. Our solution can also be deployed in areas where cellular coverage is poor.

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Our partnership with SIGFOX

SIGFOX is a leading cellular network business dedicated to low-bandwidth communications for connected devices. Its technology is particularly suited to connecting objects where a long battery life and low cost are required. SIGFOX deploys the network through the SIGFOX Network Operator (SNO) partnership program. Arqiva is the SNO for the UK and SIGFOX has similar arrangements with partners in Spain, the Netherlands and Russia, as well as running its own network in France, with plans to extend this to other major markets. Arqiva’s M2M service will connect the UK to the SIGFOX Global Network.

Many major international businesses have already signed up as customers including Clear Channel for connected outdoor advertising and Worldsensing for smart parking.

Thanks to its patented two-way ultra-narrowband (UNB) technology, SIGFOX is revolutionizing the world of machine to machine communications and the Internet of Things, by enabling large-scale connection of objects through a simple, low energy consuming and cost-effective subscription-based connectivity solution. The cellular based solution allows connected devices to be completely independent of local networks and thus removes the installation complexity for the end users. SIGFOX contributes to wireless communication networks what Twitter contributes to web communications, i.e., the ability to communicate the essentials at low cost.


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